A Land to discover

4×4 Fest takes place in a strategic position along the Tyrrhenian coast, easy to reach and extraordinary well connected from and to cities, airports and trains stations.

In just 20 km our visitors will find amazing touristic, art, pleasure, nature, food, whine and shopping destinations

“Fuori 4×4 Fest”: the pearls of our territory


Duomo di Carrara

Carrara is internationally known as the world capital of marble. The city is characterized by an artistic and cultural heritage rich in excellence. Since 2017, Carrara is a UNESCO Creative City.


Piazza Massa 4x4 Fest

Characterized by its Palazzo Ducale in Piazza Aranci, in the historic center, also known as Palazzo Rosso built by Alberico I Cybo Malaspina and later enlarged by Alberico II.


Piazza Lucca 4x4 Fest

A real jewel of Renaissance art with its squares, walls, hundred churches, towers that stand out along the streets of the town.


Panorama Lunigiana 4x4 Fest

Located between Liguria and Tuscany, Lunigiana is home to some of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. The name of this area derives from the ancient Roman city Luni.


Lardo di Colonnata 4x4 Fest

Immersed in the Apuan Alps known for its famous lard, a product of Tuscan food and wine excellence, and for the marble quarries.


The top for those who love the sea and want to enjoy a last dip in October. Do not miss Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio, two pearls known all over the world.

Cinque Terre

5 Terre 4x4 Fest

A magical place, defined by English poets as the eighth wonder of the world that will conquer you with its colors and picturesque postcard views.


Lerici 4x4 Fest

Colorful town where to have a visit to the Castle, a nice walk among the alleys or a stroll in the Shelley park or in the village of Tellaro.