Quad Area

Quad Area at 4×4 Fest 2024

A not very common and unusual all-terrain vehicle, halfway between a motorbike and an off-road vehicle, appeared on the 4×4 Fest 2000.

Today the market sees international manufacturers offering a range of vehicles for any user, from the simple quad for off-road tourism to the version with agricultural approval.

4x4Fest will continue to offer spaces, opportunities and activities to promote the Quad sector.

Expo and Test Area

In addition to the internal exhibition area, an external space next to the pavilion will be dedicated to quads to offer exhibitors and visitors the possibility of a first small experience of approaching the vehicle.

In the Test Area, manufacturers and dealers will have the opportunity to book slots to travel the quad ring, offering demonstrations and test drives to interested visitors.

And… Quad Experience!

But the quad experience doesn’t stop here!

Quad riders who visit the fair will be able to satisfy their riding ambitions with two unique opportunities in the panorama of national sector events: Tour to the Marble Quarries and Beach Quad Experience.

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