Test Area Sarzana

4x4 Fest Sarzana Fuoristrada

The Sarzana Fuoristrada Club 4×4 has been collaborating with 4x4FEST since its first editions.

This partnership has been consolidated through the years and it will be confirmed for the 2024 edition of 4×4 Fest Experience with scheduled events.

External Track
TEST AREA M.C. Bartoletti

Via Ghiarettolo C/o Centro Polisportivo Cristoni – 19038 SARZANA (SP)

Sarzana Fuoristrada 4x4 Fest

Activities of Sarzana’s Test Area

The track is full of natural obstacles: climbs, descents, bumps, holes, side passages and twists that will amaze and amuse off-road lovers.

18,000 sqm. of extension
4 difficulty levels: Soft | Off-Road | Hard at the disposal of visitors who wish to try their own vehicle and live a unique driving experience.