Press Release n. 6


Carrara – Yes, it was. It was love at first sight.

Chica Loca and the 4×4 Fest. The first is a two-wheel sporting event for women only, and the second is the most essential Expo in the Italian off-road market. Passion in common? Like all great loves, the spark is instantly struck off the road and engines.

Chica Loca turns four this year and is working on its next edition, which will take place in 2023 after facing  Morocco, Oman and Sardinia by bike. 

Vittoria Dami and Enrica Perego are the creators of this event, always looking for women between 22 and 56.

 The Mission is an all-in pink adventure to some of the world’s most beautiful and engaging countries. 

To be part of Chica Loca, you must go through a selection, and here is where the 4×4 Fest of Carrara takes place. 

The Expo is happy to be the stage to host Chica Loca preselections in October.

On the 14th, 15th and 16th, over 100 girls will meet on the Tyrrhenian coast to pass the tests that await them and take out the winning ticket to be part of the next Chica Loca. 

Only 23 of them will have the chance to access the  2023 race in a  still-secret location, to be revealed in Carrara, at the end of the selection process.

“We are particularly thrilled for this collaboration with the 4×4 Fest – explained Vittoria Dami, CEO of Chica Loca. – This is a new opportunity to manage our selections within such a vast and well-equipped area.

It will be of great help and source of inspiration “. 

Enrica Perego, deus ex machina of Chica Loca, is already at work to make the 2023 edition an epic one: “After Oman, Morocco and Sardinia, we became pretty famous, and are currently looking towards to choose the new perfect spot in between many invitations we received. 

They are all enchanted countries, different from each other, but we prefer to keep the secret about our final decision till the end of the Expo “.

On the other hand, the 4×4 Fest of Carrara is preparing the sole for this amazing Valkyries invasion. 

IMM Carrara Fiere is planning to bring back the beautiful Rosa Integrale project, which had seen the light in 2017. 

“ROSA INTEGRALE is a 4X4 FEST’s project created to open opportunities and conversation to the off-road enthusiast’s women world.

The combination of “women and engines” is the main character:  this is an idea born in 2017 to fully promote and turn the spotlight on female figures in motorsport.

This is not the first time motorcycles have entered the 4×4 Fest,  but the Fair has never been so directly and actively involved. 

100 participants will undergo a series of aptitude tests, theoretical courses, and motorcycle training tests during the three days of the Show, and the public will be able to support and follow them closely in every single phase of their journey till victory. 

Everyone can participate. Not even a particular skill or experience in motion is required since the 23 selected will undergo various preparation stages with Enrica Perego: if you are thrilled to be one of these women, check and Chica Loca websites to fill out the request form. The spirit of adaptation and goodwill will be the basis of this experience: ladies on trial will also spend a night in the bivouac during the selections, in a specific place set up for them and on Saturday evening during the BIVACCO 4×4 Fest with bonfires, street food and music.