Press release n. 4


When the 4×4 Fest was born, at the beginning of the 2000s, the Sarzana Fuoristrada was among the friends and collaborators who jump and join the adventure.

The join venture with the Ligurian association was born in 1988, same timeline in which off-road vehicles started attracting  more and more enthusiasts, and involved them in sporting and non-sporting adventures.

Friends and colleagues, therefore:  IMM Carrara Fiere and Sarzana Fuoristrada are keep working tighter even now, even stronger, supporting each other in most of the events and initiatives people will find in the coming edition of 4×4 Fest program. 

The twentieth edition proposes this strong harmony with the Sarzana Fuoristrada in many of the events that are part of the three-day program of the most important Italian and European Exhibition, from  14th to 16th October 2022.

Let start with the new outdoor track, the Claudio Bartoletti Test Area – in addition to the one already existing; the track is full of natural obstacles that characterize the 4×4 features climbs and descents, bumps, twists, holes of different depths but also side passages that never fail to provoke emotion and surprise.

The instructors of the off-road Sarzana will provide assistance to any passionate fan of the off-road discipline who will be able to try out the experience and discover the secrets of driving in the most inaccessible passages and conditions. 

This new area with 18 thousand square meters extension, has three levels of difficulty:  

– SOFT for the less experienced who want to learn how to juggle their vehicle off-road

  • OFF-ROAD little higher level of difficulty
  • HARD dedicated to those who, already experienced in 4×4 driving, want to measure their skill and experience without risk.

The Sarzana Off-road track is also a priceless tool for the equipped area where guests can camp: exactly as happens in the most worldwide famous rallies, a real Bivouac will be available to camp and sleep sharing the company of other enthusiasts. 

An exciting experience ending up with a Fire Camp party on the October 15th evening: a place to enjoy drinks and food, sharing stories and adventure around the suggestive fire pit. 

The Meetings, scheduled for October 15th and 16th also are another priceless gift coming out from our collaboration. Associations, clubs, and even individual enthusiasts will have the opportunity to climb soft routes – Lvnae and Trail – which will present different technical variations in an about eighty kilometers track. Riding along the beautiful territory of the Apuan Alps and Lunigiana embracing food and wine tasting pit stops.

Finally, the beach track, giving participants the opportunity to ride on the sand with their own vehicle. Charity Event: Saturday 15th afternoon and Sunday 16th, BEACH FUN is going to take place on our sand track. A special charity event to apply online for (registration and acceptance of the regulation will be published on the 4×4 Fest website).

The experts of the Sarzana Fuoristrada will also assist the tours to the quarries and will make the real off-road expo even more important, fun and dynamic: THE 4×4 FEST IN CARRARA.