A long history of Four-Wheel Passion

4x4 Fest Sarzana Fuoristrada

The Sarzana Fuoristrada Club 4×4 has been collaborating with 4x4FEST since its first editions.

This partnership has been consolidated through the years and it will be enriched for the 2022/2023 edition with scheduled events.

Beach Fun

After 10 years, this spectacular show dedicated to off-road vehicles, quads and ATVs is back.

The Beach Fun has taken place on Sunday 16 October on the 4x4Fest beach track, in front of the exhibition center.

External Track
TEST AREA M.C. Bartoletti

Via Ghiarettolo C/o Centro Polisportivo Cristoni – 19038 SARZANA (SP)

Sarzana Fuoristrada 4x4 Fest

Activities of Sarzana’s Test Area

The track is full of natural obstacles: climbs, descents, bumps, holes, side passages and twists that will amaze and amuse off-road lovers.

18,000 sqm. of extension
4 difficulty levels: Soft | Off-Road | Hard at the disposal of visitors who wish to try their own vehicle and live a unique driving experience.

Rally 4×4

The Sarzana Fuoristrada collaborates in the organization of the 4x4FEST Rallies which took place on Sunday 16 October: soft routes open to all off-road vehicles.

The route had a total length of about 80 km through the Apuan territory, with the possibility of an eno-gastronomic stop for the tasting of typical products.

Track on the beach

The track on the beach is managed by the Sarzana Fuoristrada.

It is a taped beach path open to all enthusiasts with private off-road vehicles.